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Ripe Church in East Sussex


Welcome to RACCA 

This is the Ripe and Chalvington Community Association website. Here you will find lots of information about the local area and facilities.You can take a look at the events diary to see what's on, find a nice walk or cycle route, search the business directory, join a local activity group, read about the history of the villages, some of its colourful past residents and even some ghost stories! This is a community website so do please get in touch if you have a local event, business or any historical stories to add to the site, we would love to hear from you

What is RACCA?
RACCA (Ripe and chalvington community association) was formed two years ago and now has over 250 members who are residents in the two villages.  With an elected management committee and a great active team of members at the core RACCA get things done. Our meetings are social events and our focus is on promoting a strong community by working together. We are a Community Interest Company registered at Companies House.
Our aims are:

To provide a focus for community activities
The late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022 were our first events, they were attended by over 300 residents, friends and families. Bringing people together is what we are about. We plan to promote activities and provide assistance to village clubs and organisations if needed.
The traditional Christmas Tree celebrations now have RACCA support bringing on board a great team to spread the load shouldered for so many years by two star villagers. We will bring similar support for the Spring and Summer flower show team.  This year we have some great events in June to commemorate the 80th
anniversary of D-Day, along with fundraiser events for the community space . 

To promote the development of a community open space
Ripe and Chalvington now has a community space that can be a focus for activities and coming together.  We have worked hard to find and secure this perfect space.  Fundraising and grant support is underway for facilities and sympathetic indigenous planting, check the blog pages for updates on progress.

To provide a community voice for the villages of Ripe and Chalvington 
Our local MP has suggested that a strong community association helps to ensure that local matters, whether ideas or concerns, that have wide support can get a proper hearing.
If you live in the Ripe and Chalvington villages within the parish and would like to join please email giving your name and postal address and we will add your membership, there is no fee for membership. Once a member you can opt in to receive RACCA email communications and can participate in on-line votes for issues of interest and concern. The more members the more effective we can be in our great community.

RACCA team members

If you live in the Parish of Ripe and Chalvington you can join RACCA

As a members you can get the RACCA app for
local news, groups and forums straight to your phone

send your name, address and contact details to join. ITS FREE!
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