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A RACCA event in Chalvington East Sussex

All About RACCA

What is RACCA?

RACCA is the Ripe and Chalvington Community Association, a Community Interest Company registered at Companies House, number 14656726.



What is RACCA for? 

If you live in Ripe, Chalvington and Deanland Wood Park, it’s for you! The legal objects of RACCA are: 

  • to carry on activities which benefit the people of the Parish; particularly to operate community open spaces and related recreational facilities

  • to conduct community social events and activities

  • to provide a facility for the community to articulate matters of interest and carry out environmental improvements


In practice this means RACCA can do pretty well anything legal that will benefit the residents of the parish, so if you have a good idea please get in touch!

Who can join?

Anyone who lives in the parish. If that means you and you haven’t joined yet just send us a name, email and preferably phone number and you’re in.  If you provide us with your mobile number we will also send you a members link to download the RACCA app to your smartphone, its the easiest way to keep in touch.


Who is in charge?

This organisation is for the community, so you are - and we need you to come up with new ideas and to help out with the planned events and developments. Watch the noticeboard and website for news, read the occasional email updates and get the app to be fully connected with the Ripe and Chalvington community, get involved. There will also be public meetings from time time to time, these will be notified via the village diary on this website and the RACCA app. If you would like a PDF full copy of the RACCA constitution document get in touch and we will email it to you.


As RACCA is a registered company it also has a voluntary board which is legally responsible for the conduct of the company.

Board members:

P Clarke 

M Cleeve

S Flint 

P Griffiths (Chair)

M Hallewell

N Hamblin

A Melville

P Parsons (Treasurer)

D Turner (Company Secretary)

Data Controller:

P Bishop


L Thomas


How do I get in touch?

If you are already a member of RACCA you can use the RACCA app to keep in touch

You can send a message using the form below and you should get a response within

72 hours


The correspondence address for RACCA is 

Newhouse Farm, Chalvington, East Sussex, BN27 3TB

The contact email 

You can also get in touch with your nearest board member directly

or leave letters for RACCA at Ripe Village Stores

Don't forget RACCA is run entirely by volunteers, so sometimes a response might be slightly delayed due to illness, work, family, holidays, etc. but your input is important to us so as soon as the appropriate person is available you will get a response.


What about my data?

RACCA is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, reference ZB521976. We will take the utmost care with any data you give us - in practice this means name, address, email and phone number. The Data Controller is Piers Bishop, who also looks after the occasional emails from RACCA.

Our website privacy policy info is here: WEBSITE PRIVACY POLICY

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch here

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

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