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The Hayton Baker Village Hall

Hayton Baker Hall in Ripe

Originally the village school built around 1842 this lovely traditional sussex flint building later became the village hall for Ripe and Chalvington. It is dedicated to George Hayton Baker who was a friend and benefactor to Ripe and the chairman of the parish council for 27 years. Over time it has been extended and considerably improved and is now a much used community asset. Meetings, classes, exhibitions and clubs all enjoy the space available to hire and its also the home of Ripe Nursery School 

Hiring the hall

The village Hall is available for hire, by the hour or by the day. It has a fully equipped kitchen, newly refurbished in Summer 2020.

For enquiries in regard to hall hire, availability and pricing please contact the bookings manager:

From a size point of view, there are two halls available for hire, a small one and a large one or you can hire both at the same time - there are doors that open up between the rooms to make one larger hall. 

The dimensions are: Large hall approx. 12.5m x 5m giving roughly 65 square metres. The small hall is approx. 6.5m x 4.5m roughly 29 square metres. 

village hall interior
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