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Try Fix My Street

Are you concerned about the state of the roads leading in and out of the village?

If you drive or ride a bike you will be aware of some large potholes forming on Ripe lane and many other roads in our area.

Have you seen fly tipping, dumped vehicles or anything else that's broken and needs a local authority repair?

The website Fix My Street is a very effective method of reporting anything of concern, your reports will be directed to Wealden District Council or East Sussex County Council and statistics are published so they do tend to act pretty quickly.

It's very easy to use, you just type the postcode to pin point where the problem is on the map and enter your description of the problem.

If you want to follow up your report you can create an account and receive notifications.

If more people make reports its much more likely that action will be taken so its well worth taking a few moments to do this if you can, it does work


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